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    Immune System

    A healthy immune system works like body armor, protecting us from the threats that constantly bombard us. We don’t pay much attention to it until something slips through a chink in the armor, we suddenly realize how much depends on it.


    • Dissolve an On Guard beadlet in your mouth to freshen breathe and protect against threats trying to enter the body.
    • Take 1 - 2 doTERRA On Guard+ Softgels daily when seasonal threats are high to strengthen immune function.


    • Take a drop of Copaiba (or Copaiba Softgels) and Frankincense under your tongue each morning for daily immune support.
    • Apply Oregano Touch and Frankincense Touch to the bottom of the feet before starting your day and before bedtime to boost immune system strength.


    • Keep a bottle of doTERRA on Guard Sanitizing Mist in your bag during the day and use regularly to eliminate bacteria and other germs on the skin.
    • Use On Guard Touch on palms to purify skin. Apply to soothe occasional skin irritations.

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